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Promotions in Świat Książki bookstores

From 19-03 to 19-04
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“Tłumacząc Hannah” by Ronaldo Wrobel

Max Kutner is forced to work in the censorship of correspondence. He translates from Yiddish to Portuguese letters of Jewish immigrants in order to track down encrypted information in them. Struggling with remorse, the lone shoemaker tries to carry out his tasks coolly and with distance, but things get out of hand when he is delighted with letters written to his sister by a kind soul named Hannah.
You can buy “Tłumacząc Hannah” in "second book -50%". Świat Książki bookshop is located next to the food court.


„Maradona. Ręka Boga” Jimmy Burns

When he died in November 2020, the world cried after him, and a three-day national mourning was declared in Argentina.
Diego Maradona has come a long and turbulent way from the slums to the very top. Villa Fiorito's poor boy has risen to the rank of God. "Maradona. God's Hand” is one of a kind, for many years considered a cult biography of Diego Armando Maradona - a football virtuoso, Golden Boy, and at the same time a man with huge problems.
Maradona's biography is available in the "second book -50%" promotion at Świat Książki. The store is located next to the food court..


„Ziemia obiecana” by Barack Obama

It is an extremely personal and self-reflective story about a man who made a bet with history - a committed social animator put to the test of world politics. Obama writes openly about the forces that stood in his way at home and abroad, and how life in the White House affected his wife and daughters. He is not afraid to talk about hesitations and disappointments, but he never doubts the validity of his belief that progress is always possible as part of the great American experiment.
You can buy this book at the Świat Książki Bookstore, which is located next to the food court.


„Ostatni bastion umysłu” by Garri Kasparov

The chess game that Garri Kasparov played against the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer in 1997 was a turning point in the history of technology. It marked the beginning of a new era - the era of artificial intelligence. Here the machine defeated a man - and the current world champion in the discipline requiring the highest intellectual efficiency! It took humanity over a hundred years to reach this stage.
For this book, visit the Świat Książki Bookshop, nearby the food court. „Ostatni bastion umysłu” is participating in the promotion "second book -50%".


„Później” by Stephen King

"Even a small child knows a few basic things, as long as it is not unevenly under the ceiling. (...) he does not talk to dead people when they are standing next to the living who are just beginning to miss them. I saw, I didn't know he was dead. "
You can buy the newest book by Stephen King in the promotion "second book -50%" at the Świat Książki bookshop, which is located by the restaurant zone.


„Rebeka” by Daphne du Maurier

“Rebeka” by Daphne du Maurier in boutique series is now available in Świat Książki.
During a trip to the French Riviera, a shy girl meets a wealthy widower, Maxim de Winter, and after a short acquaintance, she agrees to marry him. The happy moments end when the couple arrive at Manderley - Maxim's family estate. Unexplained changes take place in the man, and the new Mme. De Winter realizes that she does not know him at all ...

Świat Książki bookshop is located next to the food court. Look for „Rebeka” in the promotion "second book -50%".


„Szkice z filozofii głupoty” Bartosz Brożek, Jerzy Stelmach, Michał Heller

Stupidity is a word with 283 synonyms in Polish, occurring in at least 28 different meaning groups.
In the book only "culpable cases" resulting from indolence, or possibly ethical wickedness of certain people, are described, and not cases beyond which someone could not have any influence. The authors describe their own experiences of stupidity and stupidity in the belief that any attempt to "count" and "name" stupidity is worthwhile.

You can buy this book at the Świat Książki bookshop, which is located next to the food court.


„Chwile przełomu”

From the arrival of the first Slavs on the Vistula River to the Yalta Agreement and the fall of communism. Single decisions made at key moments forever determined the fate of the country. Here are 25 breakthrough moments in Polish history and 25 basic questions. They were asked by kings, politicians, generals and ordinary Poles - often for many centuries.
Bellona Publishing House asked leading experts and the most popular historical journalists to respond.

Look for the „Chwile przełomu” in the promotion "second book -50%" in Świat Książki bookshop, located by the food court.


-50% on the second book

You take two and pay only half the price for one. It is a permanent promotion at Świat Książki bookshop (next to the food court). In it you will find novelties and bestsellers from almost every kind of literature!



How about paying less in a bookstore than in an online store? It is possible! Świat Książki bookstore launched CZYTAM najtaniej campaign, in which you can buy selected books at prices reduced by at least 40%.
Świat Książki bookshop is located next to the food court. add this event to your calendar

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