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New in Sowa Patisserie store

From 08-02 to 08-03
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New - Vietnam Chocolate

Below are some interesting facts about chocolate itself:

-  cocoa beans used to make Vietnam chocolate come from the Mekong delta, often referred to as the Asian "Little Venice"
- Vietnamese chocolate evokes the spirit of the Vietnamese and the uniqueness of this region, making each bite a delicious journey to the roots of delicious taste
- Chocolate delights the senses with the heavenly taste of the combination of Asian "Little Venice" beans, which are grown by farmers participating in the Cacao-Trace program
- Chocolate tempts with the taste of a subtle blend of caramel and mocha with a touch of roasted cocoa beans
- Cacao-Trace certified chocolate. It is produced thanks to an expert approach to the fermentation of cocoa beans. Thanks to it, local farmers receive additional support. add this event to your calendar

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