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Workshops and chemical experiments during the Eko Akademia

During the classes, children learn about natural phenomena occurring on earth, learn how to care for the environment, and also find out how complex our senses are - sight, hearing and smell.

During the first Eko Akademia meeting during games and experiments using objects available at home, children will learn more about the phenomenon of gravity, and learn how to observe nature. From the bottles filled with water, the youngest will make a model that illustrates the phenomenon of tornado and its impact on the sea or lake. Then, from the products and substances available in the kitchen, young scientists will make a volcano and recreate the effect of eruption.

During the Saturday meeting of the Eko Akademia, children will also find out how complex the human senses are - smell and hearing. They will be able to take part in a quiz with over 30 fragrances to recognize! Some will be well known - like the scent of fruit and flowers, but there will also be less obvious smells. Children will also find that the sense of hearing is very precise, but there are many factors that can impede proper hearing. Experience with the use of a plastic tube and funnels will help them in this.

The first classes from the "Eko Akademia" series will also introduce children to issues related to ecology, and during the workshops they will be able to learn about new waste segregation rules and then help parents to segregate their household rubbish properly.

" Eko Akademia " is a series of monthly meetings during which children through colorful experiments learn the concepts of earth and climate. Issues are presented in an interesting way, using examples from everyday life so as to interest children in the subject and encourage them to search for it.

" Eko Akademia " will be held on January 11th . Classes will be conducted from 12:00 to 17:00. Participation is free.

We invite you to come!