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Until July 4th, you will see the work of those under the care of people with disabilities.

„Sztuka Dobra” is an exhibition of works of art made with various techniques. All presented paintings, utilitarian objects and decorations were created during occupational therapy workshops led by the ESCO Health Foundation, the Anna Dymna Foundation "Mimo Wszystko" and the St. Faustyna Help Center. The workshop participants were people with various disabilities. By participating in workshops, they develop their manual skills and imagination, and learn to express experiences and emotions.

The exhibition that takes place in our shopping gallery is also an opportunity to look at people and the world from a different perspective, through the eyes of people with disabilities. After the exhibition, you will be able to purchase selected works.

An exhibition „Sztuka Dobra” will be available in the passage of the Shopping Centre until Saturday, July 4th. The works can be viewed during shopping center opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00.

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