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Sports fun and games for the whole family!

From 31/07 to 31/08
Do you like spending time actively with the whole family? Port Rumia invites you to "Wakacje na sportowo" meeting, which will take place in a specially arranged zone next to the Shopping Centre! The afternoon on Saturday, July 31st, will be filled with games and sports activities for the whole family! Free entrance.

Pulling the rope, throwing a ball and a rescue dart to the target, dexterity games and many other activities await the participants of "Wakacje na sportowo” meeting, which will take place at Port Rumia, Auchan Shopping Center on July 31st !

The afternoon on the last Saturday of July will be filled with a sports competition. The games during which you will be able to demonstrate endurance, agility and speed have been divided into three blocks. Each of them will be preceded by a thorough warm-up conducted by an athlete who has been practicing athletics for many years. Then the competitors will be able to compete in several disciplines. Among them there is the currently popular discipline of tug of war and dexterity competitions. There will be plenty of opportunities for fun and a smile. Each participant, regardless of the result obtained, will receive a sweet gift.

Meeting entitled "Wakacje na sportowo” will take place on Saturday, July 31st in a specially arranged zone in the car park of Port Rumia Auchan Shopping Center at Grunwaldzka 108 in Rumia from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Participation in all activities is free and requires no prior registration. The event is organized in cooperation with the Municipal Cultural Center in Rumia.
Detailed, hourly program of Friday meeting "Wakacje na sportowo":

    • 14.05 common warm-up of all body parts
    • 14.15 tug of war competition
    • 14.45 throwing the ball to target

    • 15.05 common warm-up of all body parts
    • 15.15 run with a ping-pong ball
    • 15.45 throwing rescue dart

    • 16.05 common warm-up of all body parts
    • 4.15 tug of war competition
    • 16.45 slalom in pairs with a handicap