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See a colorful laboratory!

From 15/09 to 14/09
All rainbow colors can be seen on September 14th  in our Center. During the next meeting of the "Academy of Little Explorers" series, children will broaden their knowledge and watch colorful experiments. Free entrance!

We conjure up all the colors of the rainbow from red, blue and yellow! Children visiting our Center on September 14th  will learn many facts and curiosities about colors that will be presented through colorful experiments.

The colorful laboratory will delight even the biggest skeptics!

During the classes, children will learn what primary colors are and which we include as derivatives, and how they can be separated. Participants will see how light is divided into individual colors and learn specialized devices for measuring the amount and color of light. During the meeting, luminescent dyes will be presented, which mixed in different proportions will allow to get any color. It will happen!

"Academy of Little Explorers" will be held on September 14th . Classes will be conducted from 12:00 to 18:00. Participation is free.

We invite you to come!