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Save the forest with the gamekeeper Chrobotek! - free show for children

On September 21st , a great forest adventure awaits the viewers of our theater scene. A gamekeeper, mole and nymph will save the forest from fire and teach children how to counteract similar threats. Free admission!

Children visiting our Centre on September 21st  will meet gamekeeper Chrobotek, the hero of the theater, based on a story by the Czech writer Václav Čtvrtek. The friendly character will teach children how to behave in the forest and respect nature, and thanks to the adventures of the characters, viewers will learn that real friends are known in poverty.

Gamekeeper Chrobotek will face a great danger, which is a forest fire. The hero will have to choose between saving the trees and defending the animals living in the forest. A reliable little mole of Kamratek and nymph Jozefek will help him in the rescue operation, and a malicious hunter will prove to be an additional obstacle in the fight against the element. The show full of emotions will certainly give young viewers something to think about.

The show will take place on September 21st . The performance will be played three times: at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. Free admission.

We invite you to come!