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From 26/10 to 27/10
An exhibition of nearly 30 species of pumpkins, carving and wickerwork workshops or creative activities for children are just some of the attractions that await our Center visitors. Autumn attractions will take place on October 26th  and 27th . Free admission.

The autumn harvest is over, it's time to celebrate surrounded by the most beautiful gifts of the passing seasons. The upcoming event will focus on the queen of the autumn, or pumpkin, and the offered themed attractions and atmospheric decor will put participants in a warm, autumn mood.

Visitors to the gallery will have the opportunity to admire the exhibition of the most beautiful and magnificent pumpkin species. Among the colorful specimens there will be almost 30 types of edible and decorative pumpkins, which will expand the knowledge of the vegetable and admire its diversity. The exhibition will provide a warm and original background for commemorative photos with loved ones.

Among the attractions for children there will be several types of themed activities. In classes devoted to the art of carving, children and their guardians will try their hand at carving vegetables, including pumpkins, leaf and flower motifs. Pumpkin madness is not only for culinary fans!

In classes devoted to the art of wickerwork, children and their carers will try their hand at weaving willow plants. Baskets, trays and cones will be created, which will be useful in every home. Creative workshops will also include paper and Styrofoam pumpkins, which will be decorated with colorful decorations, as well as Halloween decorations, such as wands and wizard's hats.

The attractions will take place on October 26th  and 27th . Classes will be conducted from 11:00 to 18:00. Participation is free.

We invite you to come!