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Like Paweł and Gaweł - free theater performance for children

Unusual stories, fairy-tale characters and colorful decorations will once again appear at the Port of Rumia! This Saturday, January 18th , a new series of family theater meetings "Smyki teatrzyki" begins. It will be opened by the show "Jak Paweł i Gaweł", during which young viewers will learn about the adventures of feuding neighbors. Free entrance!

Like Paweł and Gaweł - we can often hear these words every day. They describe a situation in which two people often argue, sometimes more important, and sometimes trivial matters. This Saturday, January 18th , children who, together with their parents, will sit in front of the theater stage at the Portia Rumia Shopping Center will learn the story, which is the source of the above saying.

The heroes of Saturday's theater - Paweł and Gaweł are neighbors who live in one house. Very often there is a quarrel between them. What are the reasons for their misunderstandings? How will the neighborly arguments end? This, young viewers will learn during Saturday's performance.

"Jak Paweł i Gaweł" will begin this year's series of theater meetings for children entitled "Strings theaters". Every third Saturday of the month, young viewers will experience the colorful world of the theater, filled with colorful decorations and cheerful music. They will learn the stories of exceptional heroes that carry important values, such as friendship, cooperation, and supporting others in need.

Performance for children "Jak Paweł i Gaweł" will take place on January 18 at the Port of Rumia Auchan Shopping Center at Grunwaldzka 108 in Rumia. The performance will be played three times at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. Free entrance.