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Garbusek the Horse - free performance for children

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On Saturday, February 15th, our little guests will learn the story of Wania and Konik Garbusek. Free entrance!

Appearances can be deceptive! A dreamer can be a hero, and an inconspicuous animal - a best friend. Children who will sit on our stage on Saturday, February 15th, will find out. The youngest will watch the puppet spectacle entitled "Humpback horse" and learn the unique story of the title hero and young boy named Wania.

Wania likes to read, stare at the stars and dream of a big world. He is not very strong, but when the need arises, thanks to wisdom and courage he can get out of the trouble he encounters. Thanks to the mentioned character traits, as well as the help of a friend - Garbusek, he easily overcomes the difficulties encountered and wins the heart of a beautiful girl.

The show "Konik Garbusek" will take place as part of the series entitled "Smyki teatrzyki". Every third Saturday of the month, young viewers will experience the colorful world of the theater, filled with colorful decorations and cheerful music. They will learn the stories of exceptional heroes that carry important values, such as friendship, cooperation, and supporting others in need.
Performance for children "Konik Garbusek" will take place on February 15th in the passage of our Shopping Center. The performance will be played three times at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. Free entrance.

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