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Everything about energy during the Eco-Academy

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This Saturday, February 8th , "Eco-Academy" invites children to another fascinating meeting with science. This time, small participants will learn, among others, what is meant by renewable energy. They will find that it can come from a variety of sources, and a self-made solar vehicle model will allow children to understand how a solar battery works. You will be able to take the completed vehicle home.

During games and workshops, children will also learn how an electric cell works and try to generate electricity using a cucumber, metal plates and an electric wire. They will also check if electricity flows when the cucumbers are replaced with other vegetables and fruits.

A lot of smiles will certainly cause fun with a thermal imaging camera. Thanks to her, the children will find that their body also emits energy and take temperature pictures.

Classes from the series "Eco-Academy" will also familiarize children with issues related to ecology, and in the popular Twister game they will consolidate new rules for waste segregation, to later help parents in proper segregation of household rubbish.

"Eco-Academy" is a series of monthly meetings during which children through colorful experiments will learn the concepts of earth and climate. Issues are presented in an interesting way, using examples from everyday life, so as to interest children in the topic and encourage their own search.

The "Eco-Academy" will take place on February 8 in the shopping mall arcade. Classes will be conducted from 12:00 to 17:00. Participation is free.

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