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Donate 1% of your tax and help those in need!

The deadline for income tax settlements is approaching! This obligation can be used to help those in need by donating 1 percent of your tax to the selected organization. 

On Saturday, April 2nd, those who decide to support Puck Hospice of Padre Pio will be able to use the help of accountants in completing the tax return for the previous year. Specialists will be waiting in the passage of our Shopping Centre from 11:00 to 17:00.

To use the service, it is enough to agree to donate 1 percent. your tax to the hospice in Puck, bring PIT 11 provided by the employer, ID card, and accountants will settle PIT declarations for 2021 and answer related questions.

- One percent of the tax may seem like a small amount, but the sum of individual contributions translates into specific help for the patients under the care of Puck Hospice of Padre Pio. That is why I cordially encourage you to take part in the action „Rozlicz PIT i podziel się 1%”, which will take place in our Shopping Centre - says Adam Kozioł, marketing manager at the Port of Rumia.

Please note that under the action „Rozlicz PIT i podziel się 1%”, only individual declarations, i.e., PIT 37, will be settled.
Accountants are also not authorized to provide information on the principles of „Nowy Ład".

We invite you to participate and help the patients of Puck Hospice!