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Discover the secrets of Polish national parks with Bison Pompik

From 28/09 to 29/09
Nature workshops, a photo studio, children's readings and creative activities are just some of the attractions that await our guests. The event, which will take place on September  28th  and 29th , will be devoted to Polish national parks, and their secrets will be revealed by the hero of popular books – Bison Pompik. Free admission!

There are 23 of them in Poland and each one is unique! National parks, because we are talking about them, will be the subject of nature workshops, which will take place on September 28th  and 29th . The main hero of activities and games for children will be Bison Pompik - the hero of the popular series of books devoted to Polish national parks.

During the two-day event, there will be animations for children that will combine nature classes with creative workshops and fun. Children will learn about tourist routes and attractions of Polish national parks and learn how to behave properly in the forest. During nature classes, children will learn to recognize different species of animals, including protected ones, and their tracks and tracks. Theoretical and practical classes will allow to recognize and study plant species, as well as create original herbariums and figurines using the gifts of the forest. With the help of simple physico-chemical methods, the course participants will also examine the quality of water and play forest near the fortune. The knowledge will be complemented by a meeting with naturalists and a presentation of their photographic achievements.

A special photo studio will also be arranged in the mall's arcade, in which guests will be able to take a unique photo printed on site with Żubr Pompik. In the reading zone, about full hours, children will listen to stories about the adventures of a friendly hero. Everyone willing will also take part in creative classes, during which original colorful posters will be created. There will be interactive and board games as well as interesting competitions.

Attractions will take place on September 28th  and 29th . Classes will be conducted from 11.00 to 18.00. Free admission.
We invite you to come!