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Detective games for children!

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Brilliant and surprising books about the adventures of a resolute pair of friends solving criminal riddles have long been winning the hearts of children around the world. Lasse and Maja, who run a detective office, will invite children to play together. Among the attractions that will take place as part of the series entitled "Adventures of a small reader", everyone will find something for themselves!

Children will listen to stories about the adventures of extraordinary characters - Lasse and Maja, who are not afraid of even the most complicated puzzles! The heroes' adventures will be followed by activities for children, including detective and archeological workshops, as well as a city game. Participants will learn about detective methods, such as fingerprints, evidence analysis and substance analysis. Knowledge of archeology will also be useful in the work of the investigator, which is why little detectives will take part in excavations, during which they will measure and draw the found treasure and carry out the necessary analysis. There will be laboratory classes during which children will examine the evidence under a microscope.

An attraction will also be a city game that will take place in the shopping arcade of our gallery. During the game, guests will play the search for lost elements of the treasure and will have to decipher interesting puzzles checking knowledge of books and orientation in the object. Teams will have to go through a specific route of five points, and on the way they will certainly face ciphers and puzzles. A lot of experience guaranteed! The meeting program is inspired by the series "Lasse and Maja Detective Bureau" by Martin Widmark, with illustrations by Helena Willis, Zakamarki Publishing House.

The meeting from the series "Adventures of the little reader" will be held on February 29th  from 11:00 to 18:00. Free entrance.

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