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Create a gift for a loved one and learn how to take care of your health!

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This Saturday, February 1st , participants of "Rodzinne warsztaty" will create felt and paper decorations and heart-shaped candlesticks, and during consultation with a dietitian will learn how to care for proper hydration. Free entrance!

Everyone who is looking for an interesting way to spend Saturday afternoon is invited to a new series of family workshops. Every first Saturday of the month, children and parents will be able to spend time together during creative activities and learn how to better care for their health.

This Saturday, February 1st , children will be able to learn different art techniques and make unique gifts for loved ones! A few hours of creative workshops will start classes during which you will be able to decorate plaster heart-shaped candle holders yourself. Paints, colorful papers and decorative elements will be available to children. From 14:00 onwards, another portion of creative fun is waiting for small participants! Under the guidance of instructors and parents they will be able to sew felt hearts. Participants will cut out pieces of material in the shape of a heart, then sew them and decorate. It will be possible to sew on decorations and pendants. Next, children will learn more about the origami technique of folding paper without the use of scissors and glue. Hearts, fans and small boxes will form from colorful pieces of paper, which you can additionally decorate. Such a box can be used as a decorative packaging for previously created decorations. Gifts should be given without any special occasion to bring joy to loved ones and express your feelings.

On Saturday, February 1st , consultation with dietitians regarding proper hydration will begin in the passage of our gallery. During the conversation you will be able to find out how much water we lose every day, how to recognize that we lack it. Nutritionists will tell you what to drink to hydrate your body, and what drinks cause you to lose water.
The family workshop will take place on February 1 from 12:00 to 17:00. Free entrance.

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