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Adventures of a small reader - free workshops for children

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Fairy tales are an inseparable element of every culture. They bring the unknown cultures closer to the readers and convey local stories, legends and myths. During the first meeting of the new series " Przygody małego czytelnika " in our Shopping Centre, children will learn the richness of oriental fairy tales. They will be an introduction to workshops and games, during which children will learn about the culture and customs of Japan, China and Arab countries.

Classes will take place in three thematic zones, each of which will be devoted to a separate culture. In the Japanese zone, children will be able to create, among others, decorative lanterns, origami figures, cardboard fairy-tale characters and colorful carp-shaped ornaments, which are traditionally prepared in Japan on Children's Day. Those willing will be able to face Japanese calligraphy. Animations have been prepared for the youngest, during which they will get to know the Japanese Kamishibai theater.

Many attractions are waiting for small participants also in the Chinese culture zone, where young participants will be able to design and make fans and carnival masks with Chinese motifs. Children will also learn the technique of tying traditional Chinese knots, which according to historical sources were not only decorations, but also a way of taking notes.

In the Arab culture zone, participants will be able to take part in workshops during which they will make ornaments inspired by traditional Arabic jewelry - necklaces and rings with multi-colored beads, slides and chains and caps, similar to those worn by many ethnic groups will be created today . Those willing will be able to learn the basic phrases in Arabic and try to write their name in that language.

In addition, at full hours in the reading corner, children will be able to hear the most beautiful fairy tales read by animators.

Meeting " Baśnie świata " from the series " Przygody małego czytelnika " will take place on January 25th  in the passage of our shopping gallery. Classes will be held from 11:00 to 18:00. The event's partner is the Media Rodzina publishing house. Free entrance.

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