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A joyful holiday with your favourite heroes

Practical learning of safe behaviour on the road, art classes and lots of fun await children who will visit our Shopping Centre with their parents on Saturday, August 27th. We invite you from 10:00 to 17:00, admission free!

Learn the rules of the road with Tomek's locomotive and take part in creative activities.

During the meeting, it will be possible to have fun in several themed zones arranged in the passage of the shopping mall. In the fairy tale zone "Tomek and Friends", the TV heroes will be waiting for the youngest, encouraging them to take part in various activities. While having fun together, you will be able to learn the rules of safe behaviour on the road and railway crossing, find out what the selected road signs mean and how to use the railway timetable. However, during the art classes, it will be possible to make colourful XXL trains out of cardboard. Children will also be able to go on a journey with the heroes of the fairy tale "Thomas and Friends", playing with sets of tracks, locomotives and wagons.

Hot Wheels racing zone

A lot of attractions are also waiting for fans of Hot Wheels cars! Exceptional emotions and great fun will be provided by the stand for constructing racetracks, full of various types of turns, loops and jumps. In this scenery, children will be able to try out the best cars and enjoy the fun together.

Participants of the meeting will also be able to visit the colourful zone of balloon madness, where it will be possible to make animals and fabulous creatures from balloons.

We invite you to have fun together!